We would all love to maintain beautiful, youthful skin well into old age. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our skin ages right along with us. The formation of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other blemishes are part of that process.

While sun damage contributes greatly to aging skin, other environmental factors influence aging skin, too.  Did you know that most skincare products are actually full of harmful toxins?

Have a look at the list below and check products you use now. You may have beauty products that contain these harmful ingredients:


  • Parabens (Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Formaldehyde donors)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • PEG-30(dipolydrydroxystearate)
  • PEG-120(Methyl Glucose Dioleate)
  • DEA (diethanolamine)
  • MEA (monoethanolamine)
  • TEA (triethanolamine)
  • Artificial Fragrances

Those are a short list of the most common synthetic chemicals used in beauty products many of which have carcinogenic effects linked to breast cancer development. Over time, toxins build up in your body causing damage to organs.

Everyday skin is under attack in so many ways with sun damage being a major contributor. While the sun’s rays produce a ‘bronzed’ look that is appealing, the benefits are short-term. Many wrinkles and blemishes are caused by sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light changes skin by damaging elastin which are special connecting skin fibers. When elastin starts to breakdown, skin structure changes and begins stretching and sagging.

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