What Is Aria Peptide Rich Regenerating Cream?


  • Cream Bottle 600 x 600Aria Peptide Rich Complex Anti-Aging Moisturizer is an advanced anti-aging face cream that combines 2 peptides, Nutripeptides, Silk Amino Acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, retinol and botanical extracts with super anti-oxidants and hydrating properties. 
  • Rejuvenates: Highly effective anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream formulation reduces dark spots, minimizes deep wrinkles and diminishes fine lines. Gentle, soothing and rejuvenating cream protects skin from damaging free radicals. 
  • Nourishes: Protect and nourish your skin with Aria Peptide Moisturizer. Apply twice daily to face, neck and around eyes for maximum results. A small pearl sized dropped is loaded with a wealth of anti-oxidants that pamper your skin. 
  • Peptide Skin Care System: Aria Peptide Skin Care is a dynamic combination of Peptide Firming Serum  (sold separately) and Peptide Complex Moisturizing Cream. This revolutionary, proprietary formulation contains 5 peptides, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and a world of vitamins for radiant, glowing skin. 
  • Guarantee: Love our peptide treatment products or your money back! 100% guaranteed! Manufactured in USA FDA cGMP Facility by Visio Elan! 

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