How Important Is Life Satisfaction? Very Says New Study

Loving the life A recent 9 year study involving 4500 participants was published at Chapman University leading to surprising discoveries in terms of life satisfaction and how that increases (or not) your longevity. The older men and women responded to this question, " All things considered, how satisfied are you with your life?' [...]

Microdermabrasion Benefits At Home – Visio Elan’s Latest Skin Care Product

"The microdermabrasion benefits of exfoliating dead skin cells are now easily available using our microdermabrasion cream just twice a week. The results are startling and very, very cost effective. One 60 ml jar will last 2-3 months. Feedback from our skincare customers has been just amazing." Visio Elan known for its Aria Peptide Skincare formulations takes anti-aging [...]

Visio Elan’s Collagen Peptide Facial Mask For Men & Women – Spa Quality At Home

Young woman looking at mirror in bathroom and pampering her face Visio Elan's "Be Glorious Collagen Peptide Mask" is a unique purifying and rejuvenating facial mask for men and women that supports healthy, younger skin. Formulated using the most advanced skin care technology, this face mask is easily absorbed into the dermis to [...]

Microdermabrasion Cream – Is It The Best Facial Scrub for You?

No matter how often you wash your face or with what, dead skin cells will remain and it is those dead skin cells that cause wrinkles, blackheads and other impurities to form.  Even more discouraging, dead skin cells block your skin from receiving benefits of serums and lotions. While there will be many opinions on [...]

What Are Peptides And How Do They Help Aging Skin?

 Scientific research continues to pour in of the amazing benefits of peptides in skin creams, lotions and serums to keep wrinkles and aging at bay. But what are peptides and how do they help? Peptides are protein chains of amino acids and are named according to how many amino acids are present in the chain. [...]

A Successful Detox Program Includes Meditation And Massage

A successful detox program is not about starving or fasting.  A great detox program increases stamina, improves your digestive process and purely energizes the body. It's about improved health, vitality, cleansing your body and the benefits to your skin will be amazing. Don't be surprised to see meditation and massage on this list! You are [...]

When Men Rave About Aria Peptide Collagen Skincare That Says A Lot

Nina Clark, product developer at Visio Elan, is elated at the comments pouring in from their male customers about their Aria brand. Yes, indeed, men care about wrinkles, too. There are many reasons why with the most significant being its effectiveness in reducing visible signs of aging and firming skin. Aria Peptide Skincare System is [...]

Skin Care Made Easy with Microdermabrasion Home Treatment by Visio Elan

With constant exposure to harmful UV rays, dust, smoke, and other environmental factors, the skin becomes more prone to damage and ageing. In fact, it is common for people to suffer from irritation, inflamed skin, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and other skin problems. Visio Elan’s new product, Infusion Glow, promises to deliver exceptional benefit by using [...]

Does Microdermabrasion Work? How About A Cream At Home?

  You've heard it from your friends or perhaps you have come across the term “microdermabrasion” during one of your online searches.  Or maybe you’ve received a coupon from your local spa for a series of microdermabrasion treatments. So does microdermabrasion work and what can it do for your skin that regular facials cannot?  Let’s [...]

Visio Elan’s Home Microdermabrasion Cream Excites Skincare Community

Miami, FL – WEBWIRE "We are very excited about our new microdermabrasion treatment cream at home, Infusion Glow. Men and women alike can experience a fabulous facial exfoliation without paying the high cost of microdermabrasion at spa’s and clinics. They will love seeing radiant skin after one treatment." June 28, 2014 Visio Elan, the leader in [...]