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Loving the life

Loving the life

A recent 9 year study involving 4500 participants was published at Chapman University leading to surprising discoveries in terms of life satisfaction and how that increases (or not) your longevity.

The older men and women responded to this question, ” All things considered, how satisfied are you with your life?’ Responses ranged from zero to 10, with 10 indicating greater life satisfaction. The researchers assessed both average life satisfaction across time and the variability in life satisfaction across time. Other factors accounted for in the study included age, gender, education, health conditions, smoking status, physical activity, and depressive symptoms.

The researchers learned that as a participant’s life satisfaction increased, the risk of mortality was reduced by 18%! By contrast, as the degrees in life satisfaction varied, that led to a 20% increase in mortality. In short, individuals with higher levels of life satisfaction tended to have a reduced risk of mortality.

Finds ways to be grateful today and you’ll find a higher satisfaction with your life!

Read more about the study here


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