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Skin Care For MenWomen’s skin care products are a flourishing market and women use skin care products all the time to cleanse their skin, moisturize, and prevent wrinkles and fine lines among many other things.

But are women’s skin care products just for women alone? It may surprise you, but just because these products are marketed towards women doesn’t mean they only work for women.

The secret most men won’t tell you is they do buy and try out women’s skin care products just like they use women’s hair care products. While there are slight differences in men and women’s skin, this is mostly that men can shave and tend to have oilier skin than women.

That’s not a problem when it comes to using the opposite sex’s products. In fact, men can benefit just as much as women from their use. These products may be designed for women, but more and more, men are trying out and purchasing these products because they work for guys, too.

Do you feel you’re too macho to use ladies’ skin products?  Maybe you’re right but you might be surprised to realize that women are actually attracted to men with a healthy skin color than a masculine face.

According to a 2012 study, researchers found that healthy skin is way more appealing to the ladies than looks. Men are also statistically less likely to monitor or care for their skin and are not only more at risk for melanoma, but also more likely to die from it. Fifty Percent (50%) of the annual deaths are white men over 50 in the United States.

It makes sense since men are outdoors and in the elements more than women, which means their skin is absorbing more UV rays, wind damage, and environmental pollution. This all combines to age the skin, creating wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and ultimately less healthy-looking skin.

Ergo, using skin care products is going to do wonders for not only your looks, but your love life since healthy appearing skin equates to healthy genes, and higher sexual attraction.

Aria Peptide Skin Care For Men For all these reasons, men need to rethink how they approach skin care. Skin health does matter! By taking care of your skin, you can reverse the damage that was done, prevent major health risks, and appear more attractive to the opposite sex. That’s a win win situation if I ever saw one.

Sunscreen should be worked into your skin care routine in addition to a daily cleansing, moisturizing and more sophisticated products to help your skin and face look their best. Eating healthy and exercising will also help, but what do you do when you need more advanced treatment to look your best?

Visio Elan has a sophisticated line of products that will help deal with all your skin’s needs and have it looking more incredible than it has ever been. It’s time for men to update their skin care to the next level.

There are products that can help you with the appearance of your skin that are not only quick and easy to apply, but extremely beneficial for your skin. Visual appearance for men is just as important in the workplace as women, and preventing visible signs of aging will help you look your best.

Aria Complex Peptide Regenerating Cream can help you turn back the clock. This advanced anti-aging cream has a number of ingredients to treat your skin. Peptides, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic, retinol and botanicals all work together to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and get rid of fine lines. The cream also protects your face from free radicals. Apply twice to the face and neck to have your skin looking better than ever before.

Combine with  Aria Triple Peptide Firming Serum for rejuvenating results with a structural lift. This serum increases collagen production with a formula of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and 3 peptides to tighten your skin and tone at the topical and lower layers.

This serum will absorb deeply into the layers of your skin to replenish and rejuvenate skin while fighting free radicals that inflame and age your skin. Antioxidants work to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles so your skin can look healthier and more attractive than ever.

There’s also a Microdermabrasion Cream (Infusion Glow) that may be just the answer for men who are just starting to take care of their skin.  This rich aluminum oxide crystal cream removes dead skin cells. New skin cells are exposed allowing for deeper penetration from serums and moisturizers.

And for men, too – Visio Elan’s Collagen Peptide Facial Mask (Be Glorious) which is perfect to add after exfoliating with Infusion Glow

Don’t let women get all the benefits while you age quietly! Go to to check out all the revolutionary skin care products. Because you, too, deserve to look your best.


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“The serum tightens your skin right away. Brighteness is returning and an amazing blend of 3 peptides and hyaluronic acid! Absorbs quickly and fine lines are diminishing!My skin has definitely benefited and I will continue to use it.” A Mom

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